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Saddle bags!

Saddle bags are used to haul everything from tools to jackets to beer and everything in-between. Made from top-quality cowhide, these excellent saddlebags do more than just look good -- they stand ready to help you get your stuff where ever it needs to be!


(Prices do not include Shipping & Handling)




A.) Medium saddle bag with concho and studs, slant.
Length: 14" Height: 11.5" Width: 4" -- $77.95



B.) Medium saddle bag with concho, slant.
Length: 14" Height: 11.5" Width: 4" -- $77.95

    Same as B., but with braid -- $85.95





C.) Medium saddle bag with braid, fringe and concho, slant.  Length: 14" Height: 11.5" Width: 4" -- $109.95



D.) Medium saddle bag with concho, braid and studs, straight.  Length: 13.5" Height: 10.5" Width: 4.5" -- $94.95



E.) Large heritage saddle bag with fringe, studs and concho, straight.  Length: 15.5" Height: 11.5" Width: 7.5" -- $117.95



F.) Big saddle bag with concho and studs, straight.
Length: 22" Height: 11" Width: 10" -- $149.95



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