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- Reduces knots, tangles and breakage

- Patented design with built-in hook keeps Hair Glove stationary

- Adjustable length

- Unisex

- Replaces braiding

Leather or Suede Hairgloves TM

Great for holding your hair in place when riding!

Create your own look by adding your favorite patches or pins!

(Price does not include Shipping & Handling)

  Black Leather Red Leather     Black Leather with yellow rose    
4" --> $11.95   4" --> $14.95    
8" --> $14.95
  8" --> $16.95

  Ultrasuede Zebra Ultrasuede Cheetah Ultrasuede Leopard Tribal Flames ink-embossed on black leather Tribal Heart ink-embossed on black leather    
4" --> $14.95
8" --> $16.95



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